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Q2 - Are the classes at different levels of difficulty? How do I progress?

A2 - Everyone, beginner or experienced start at Beginner level and progress through to Improver and Intermediate levels. The Beginner level for newcomers usually take 8-10 classes but can vary depending on ability and previous dance experience.

Your progress will always be monitored and you’ll be encouraged to move up a level as soon as you are seen to be ready. People new to our classes but who have partner danced before may find they are moved up quite quickly.

Most  people get to a level that they are happy at and then choose to stay there, refining their technique. Not everyone feel the need for the complexity and speed of higher levels.

We all want to progress ASAP! But moving up a level too early, can result in frustration for you and your fellow dancers. It’s always better to stay at your level a little longer and refine your skills. This is especially true at Beginner level, as it gives you the core techniques upon which all other levels will build upon.

Anyone joining a class at Improver level or above, will be expected to be proficient in techniques at  all previous levels. It would be unfair to the rest of the class to go over techniques covered in lower levels. If the problems involve core techniques, then it is advisable to do a few classes a lower level to refresh your core skills. We are happy to go over  any problem areas during the practice sessions.

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