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Q1 -  I have never danced before, don’t have a partner, not super-fit and have two left feet! Are your dance classes for me?

A1 -  You don’t have to be super-fit to enjoy our classes. But you do need basic fitness, mobility and a willingness to learn. However, if you have any ongoing medical condition affecting your breathing, mobility or balance then please consult your GP for advice.

Our classes are friendly, relaxed and structured so that even at Beginner level you will cover enough moves, to allow you to dance socially.

There are no exams and no pressure to compete. You can progress at your own pace and to a level that suits you.


For Salsa, you don’t need to book or have a dance partner as  we rotate the class so that everyone gets a chance to meet and dance with everyone else, making for a more sociable evening.

However, if you wish to stay with your partner, then that’s no problem, just let us know. Excluding other dancers, however, usually slows your progress, a case of blind leading the blind. Dancing with a variety of people, including more experienced dancers, speeds up your learning.



Due to the nature of Tango, it’s essential to book your place. It’s so we can balance partners and abilities. This is especially true if you don’t have a dance partner. Please don’t just turn up as you may have to sit it out. Again, we rotate the class so that everyone gets to dance with everyone else, making for a more sociable evening and quicker learning.

We never teach or encourage any high-risk moves or techniques. Choreographed moves, such as lifts, dips and drops may look spectacular but nearly always result in injury. Please do not put your class mates at risk, save it for your willing victims at places that teach such moves.

Our classes are a great way to socialize and get fitter, whilst improving your dance skills. The dance techniques that you learn can be enjoyed whenever and wherever that  special moment arises, be it at your next function or even on your next holiday and to most music including pop, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Swing and of course Latino.

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